Lumax Software Announces Lineset Scheduler for Drafty

by Jacob Coakley
Drafty now includes a Lineset Schedule tool.
Drafty now includes a Lineset Schedule tool.

NEW YORK — The latest update to drafting program Drafty, from Lumax Software, now includes a Lineset Scheduler tool. Version 1.11 of Drafty adds to its array of workflows and tools for lighting, sound and video professionals. The Lineset Scheduler allows users to quickly build Lineset Schedules and keep their drawings, and more importantly revisions, up to date, neat, and organized.

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Features include:

  • One-click creation of a Lineset Schedule
  • Quickly tab through Purpose, Distance, or Trim columns to edit information
  • Add Pipes, Legs, Borders, Drops, and Flats directly from the Lineset Schedule
  • Drag & Drop to move any attached Pipe or Scenic element to the proper Lineset
  • Smart Legs maintain equal distance from CL while you drag only one leg left or right

The Lineset Scheduler builds upon past Drafty successes like the Auto-Worksheeting tool, Smart-Pipes, Smart-Dimensions, and more to create an integrated CAD environment that saves you headache, heartache, time, and money. Lineset Schedule modifications used to take a lot of time and attention to ensure all aspects of the drawing lined up properly with the updated information. No longer. With simple Drag & Drop operations any modifications are correct across the Lineset Schedule and attached show elements.

“We are really excited about creating new tools and technologies for creative professionals. A simple to use

 Lineset Schedule tool like this has been a dream of mine for years. It is wonderful to finally see it out in the world!”

Lucas Krech - Founder and Principal Designer Lumax Software LLC.

The Lineset Scheduler is part of the Drafty Pro environment. Licenses for Drafty Pro are available Monthly for $29.99, Annually for $299.99, or as a Perpetual License for $599.99. Site licenses and academic pricing are available by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.