Getting a Hand on Gloves

by Angelique Powers

Not all gloves are created equal. 
When deciding between latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves, it can be confusing trying to determine which type of glove is the ideal choice, as they have different attributes. Perhaps your shop only stocks one type of glove, and you didn’t really know there were a few options out there. Chances are, your glove game has some serious problems, and you should read this article closely to educate yourself about your safety on the job.

It's in the Bag

by Lisa Mulcahy

Sewing Good Work from Old Drops 

It's in the Bag

Jennifer Kahn, an accomplished stage manager whose credits include the 2015 Broadway revival of Spring Awakening and has worked at regional companies, including Old Globe, Williamstown Theatre Festival, La Jolla Playhouse, and Paper Mill Playhouse, is a woman on a mission. In July 2017, Kahn launched SCENERY, an eco-conscious company that makes zippered bags from retired theater backdrops. Not only have SCENERY’s unique products become big sellers, a portion of proceeds from each bag goes to support the work of the Theatre Development Fund’s (TDF) Intro to Theatre Program, which provides middle and high school students with a meaningful introduction to live theater. SCENERY brings together Kahn’s own mindfulness of the importance of repurposing and reusing materials with her determination to help children discover the magic of theater, as the mother of a young son herself. 

Reflections on the First USITT Props Lab

by Jay Duckworth

started out as an actor, but I fell in love with props." "Thank you for the Props Lab, this is my first time at USITT, we’re from Canada..." "The fountain pen has a straw filled with blood in it, so you put it on his face and squeeze; it looks like you stabbed his face." "This material is from Worbla." It was like a constant buzz. "I’m a student;" "I’m a graduate;" "I use this for armor in cosplay;" "Is that an Nerf gun made into a cannon?;" "Where do you get these?;" "You can get that cheaper at this site." It was filled with energy and ideas. And then there were all the ah ha moments where presenters let the guests put two and two together and you could see the flash of excitement race across their faces. I’m talking about the first ever Props Lab at the 2018 USITT Conference and Stage Expo.

To Protect, Serve and Understand

by Howard Sherman

Irondale Ensemble’s Program Builds Police/Civilian Community

I was a little fearful in the beginning,” admits police officer Diana Torres of New York’s 84th Precinct. “It was nerve wracking,” confesses police officer Miguel Van Brakle of New York’s 67th Precinct. What they are describing, however, is not part of their active duty work on the streets of Brooklyn. Rather, it’s about performing, doing theatrical exercises, as part of a 14-person cohort in the Irondale Ensemble project’s To Protect, Serve and Understand, a ten-week long program that unites officers and civilians, through the process of theatre games. The goal is for each constituency to gain a greater understanding of the other using tools common in theatre education and practice.

Writing the Monograph on William Ivey Long

by Michael Eddy

At USITT 2018, renowned costume designer William Ivey Long and professor/author Bobbi Owen were on hand to unveil, and sign, the monograph The Designs of William Ivey Long. The USITT American Designers Monograph Series is devoted to documenting the work of America’s best theatrical designers and is published by United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT). Stage Directions had the great good fortune to sit down and speak with both Long and Owen right after their book signing.