L-R Bob Schacherl (CEO Robe North America), Josef Valchar (CEO Robe Lighting s.r.o.), Harry von den Stemmen (Sales Director Robe Lighting s.r.o.) with their Parnelli IT Award for the Robe BMFL WashLight

Robe Releases Fixtures, Earns Awards at LDI (2)

Jacob Coakley

Robe unveiled the new Spiider LED wash beam fixture and the new Halo (an LED pixel ring that fits Par cans and can be used independently) at their mammoth light show during this year’s LDI. They also won a Parnelli Award from Timeless  Communications, the Indispensable Lighting Technology Award for their BMFL WashBeam luminaire. Video of their light demo from the trade show floor after the jump! 

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Set Out On Your Own Path

Michael Eddy

This month is our education issue and it is important in a theater career to have the skills to be prepared for the unexpected, everyday. There is very little that’s rote about a day in the theater. When things go wrong—and they will—you must react quickly. Having the training and being prepared, allows you to easily recover. You can’t dwell, you have to think through the next option(s); you still have to solve the challenge at hand. Education and experience are the things that allow you to draw upon your skill sets to see you successfully through those particular challenges. 

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