How Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Happens

The human sense of hearing is downright amazing. A person with healthy hearing can hear sounds as quiet as 0db and withstand short-term exposure to sound as loud as 85db without sustaining permanent hearing damage. The frequency range at which we can detect sound is also wide, ranging from about 20Hz to 20kHz. Most of us take our hearing for granted, that is until it’s gone or damaged.

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Safe Practices - Lawyer & Safety Advocate Steven A. Adelman

Michael Eddy

At the USITT 2018 Conference and Stage Expo, we had the opportunity to speak with a wide array of theater artists and technicians, attendees, speakers, and participants. Among those who came by the USITT Stage Directions Studio was Steven A. Adelman, head of Adelman Law Group and vice president of the Event Safety Alliance. He’s been a lawyer since 1994, and Adelman Law Group, PLLC focuses on risk management, litigation, and standard of care expert testimony regarding premises liability, crowd management, and event safety and security. He shared how he got interested in safety, how he advocates for safe practices, and how to think about keeping artists and audiences safe in our theaters.

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