A Word to the Wise on Resumes & Cover Letters

Jay Duckworth

We get so many resumes here at the Public Theater it’s sometimes hard to go through all of them. So, there are some things I look for and some things that are just standard practices. With a lot of you graduating out there or applying for internships or maybe just old codgers like me looking to revisit and update your resume so you can remember where you worked and how cool it was, here are some good rules and tips from us, (myself and Sara Swanberg, the prop shop manager for The Public Theater), the people who have to actually read your resumes and make hiring decisions.

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A USITT First: The Prop Lab

Stage Directions

With the first ever Prop Lab happening on the USITT Stage Expo floor in Fort Lauderdale, SD asked the prop lab curator, last year’s Early Career Honors speaker, Jay Duckworth, to give us a quick introduction to the all-stars prop team of talent he has brought together.
“When David Grindle called me this summer and said that he wanted to do a Props Lab he stated, ‘I want artists to walk away with something of value.’ So I asked myself, ‘Who would I want to learn from and who would I like to invite to share knowledge with the next generation of props people. Also, who would make learning interactive and fun.’"

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