Inside the Vault with Bag&Baggage TD/LD Jim Ricks White

Michael Eddy

With over 30 years working in theater, Jim Ricks-White, had been teaching stagecraft at Portland Community College, Sylvania and the resident lighting designer for Hillsboro, OR-based Bag&Baggage Productions, when the company asked him to come on full time as technical director and facilities manager. The request followed the company opening its new space—The Vault—a repurposed former bank building. In theater, Ricks-White has worked as a stage manager, TD, LD, set designer, properties artisan, and pyrotechnician and toured for many years as a technician for Showco and Vari-Lite. He’s worked in venues as small as a 99-seat black box and as large as the Olympic Stadium for the 2012 London Olympics.

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