Taking Chances

Cary Gillett & Jay Sheehan

Both of us love the thought of making art. Be it theater, special events, opera, or dance, the fact that we can both make a living doing a job that helps create art is a blessing. So, what binds the two of us, and makes us so similar in our successes and our failures? 

Both of us are risk takers. There is no doubt that we have taken chances and not been successful. We have made mistakes, some corrected in time with no harm, no foul. Other times our errors may have cost us resources due to our lack of attention to one matter over the other during the production process. The fact is, we have taken chances all our lives, and continue to take chances now, even at this point of our careers. The second factor that binds us is that we both come at a risk with the approach of ‘It never hurts to ask; all they can say is no.’ 

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