Q2Q Comic #438 Written & Drawn by Steve Younkins
Q2Q Comic #438 Written & Drawn by Steve Younkins

Let's Talk

Jay Duckworth

…and the Irishman asked, “Are you Dunn?” The guy in the outhouse said, “Yes.” The Irishman replied, “Good! Write your mother!”

Early in the process, I love to sneak a casual joke in with my director, especially if we have never worked together before. Something short and funny. I then ask them for their favorite joke. We laugh, we bond; good times. But to me it’s not the joke that matters, what I’m doing is seeing how well they can tell a story. Is there a clear foundation, middle, and twist at the end? Do they stumble for the words? Is all the information clear? All those things matter to me, so I can have an idea of what my team and I can prepare for over the next few weeks. 

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