Don't Suffer for Your Art

Michael Eddy

Welcome to the September issue of Stage Directions. This month we continue to have interesting and informative conversations with theater artists in all realms of production. I want to thank all of the designers, SMs/PMs, technicians, stagehands, craftspeople, manufacturers, and shops that continually take time to share their experience, knowledge, and advice with Stage Directions and our readers. To me, this is what being part of the theater community is all about; sharing ideas, learning techniques, discovering resources, and spreading the word to our fellow theater-creators. I am particularly pleased that at Stage Directions we make a concerted effort to cover all the roles involved in the production aspect of theater. If it is seen, sat on, picked up, flown, worn, heard, lit, painted, taped, miked, or any of the millions of details that create a single production we want to hear about and cover the talented people behind it. Please be sure to let me know if there is a solution, resource, or a fellow colleague that you think SD should know about to consider for coverage.

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