A Very Full Empty Space

Michael Eddy

Theater spaces. There is nothing better than sitting alone in a theater, just contemplating the space around you. I love to sit alone with my thoughts in a theater and just look at it. I love the architecture and structure of theaters and discovering the reasoning behind their design and detailing. It’s more than a purposeful room; it’s a space, even when it is ‘empty’. But a theater is never really empty, even when it is, as we say, ‘dark’. This space is filled with emotion, a sense of purpose, a drive. In its design alone it is full of ideas, details, and expectations. Everyone who enters it—no matter who—theater artisan or audience—brings something to it. Everyone who enters this space will leave something as well, hopefully not hard candy wrappers. Yes, it may look empty, but it’s not. It is filled with the things that make it a theater, it’s merely waiting for the theater artisans to enter and create.

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