Innovation in Theatre and Curriculum

by Jacob Coakley
in Feature

Marymount Mannhattan College students filming on campus.Centrally located in New York City, Marymount Manhattan College offers classes that allow students to experience the richness of the city. The college combines professional theatre education and training with the liberal arts, teaching their students how to create compelling, informed, imaginative, and innovative theatre. 

A true testament to a school is its teachers. I was trained by teachers that I will consider mentors for the rest of my life –Dan Bittner One innovation they’re introducing themselves is their new Performance & Digital Media major. The Performance & Digital Media major embraces cross-disciplinary opportunities in performance with multiple media and is designed for the student interested in video, music, the web, social media, writing, music, theatre and performance.  Classes cover a range of theatre and media topics and include production opportunities in producing webisodes, working with mobile media, video memoirs, digital video activism, documentary and experimental film. This concentration prepares students to be the next generation of media and performance professionals skilled in the integration of media and theatre arts.

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