Cloud Picker

by Todd Proffitt
in TD Talk

So, if you read the January TD Talk article (which will be posted soon) you probably want to get started with a cloud file service! The big question becomes, which service to pick? was the first cloud service to really takeoff. It’s easy to use and offers 2GB of free space.  If you get your friends to sign up you can get more space for free, up to 16GB. Or you can pay $99/year to upgrade to 100GB. One advantage Dropbox has over other services it can be accessed on the most platforms. Its biggest disadvantage is that it only allows users to edit documents on a computer. You can only read docs on your mobile device.


Google Drive gives you 5GB for free, with multiple upgrade options. (Starting at $29.88/year for 25GB.) It has the strongest document creation tools, you can’t edit any Google Doc files offline. (On Dropbox if your computer is offline you can still edit a document. When your computer re-connects to the internet, after, say, a long flight, it will sync all changed folders/files.)

Microsoft’s Skydrive offers 7GB for free with $10/year getting you 20GB. As we went to press its online creation tools were still only in preview. But Microsoft promises that once its Office Suite is online Skydrive will work seamlessly with it. Its disadvantage is that it is used by the least amount of people, so sharing and collaboration is a little more challenging.

The did a great comparison of theses services and several more at