Derek DelGaudio onstage
Derek DelGaudio onstage

Jules Fisher on Working with Derek DelGaudio

Michael Eddy

Over his long and illustrious career, lighting designer and theater consultant Jules Fisher has lit many magicians, including all of Ricky Jay’s shows. A keen student of the art of magic himself, with a passion for the subject since his youth, Fisher enjoys working in and around magicians, especially ones who push boundaries. “Since I was eight-years old, I was interested in magic,” he says. “I went to see magic shows all the time. I saw Blackstone Sr. and then years later, I met his son Blackstone Jr. I even consulted to the lighting designer for Blackstone Jr.’s Broadway appearance. In fact, one of my first jobs in Las Vegas was at MGM lighting an unknown 8-minute act, Siegfried and Roy. Through one magician to the next, I got to know an awful lot of them.” It is that affinity to magic coupled with his expertise in theatrical production that made Fisher a natural fit to work with Derek DelGaudio. 

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