Enter Stage Right...

by Michael Eddy
SD Editor-in-Chief, Michael S. Eddy
SD Editor-in-Chief, Michael S. Eddy

Editor's Note

So, this is my first issue as editor-in-chief of Stage Directions magazine and I can only aspire to helm it as well as Jacob Coakley did over the past decade. I’d like to thank Jacob for the years of editing me as a contributing writer, I was in training without even realizing it, and for leaving me with a great group of authors.

This issue is very apropos for my first issue. This is the profile issue, which represents the many sides of the collaborative process that makes theatre the profession we all love. The articles cover some wonderfully creative and collaborative theatre artists—a scenic designer, a scenic/costume designer, a sound designer/composer, a scenic artist, and an actor/theatre consultant/writer, plus the USITT Distinguished Award Winners. 

In addition, we have profiles on manufacturers, theatrical dealers, production houses, and universities—all of whom play an important part in the realization of a theatrical production. I strongly encourage you to read about the work of these often unsung colleagues of ours. I have never interviewed a working theatre professional who doesn’t credit collaboration—be it with the rest of the production’s team or the vendors they work with— for their success creatively. Theatre is surely an art that is the result of being so much more than the sum of its parts. This profile issue, I believe, shows that clearly.

In my new role as SD editor I consider myself now a colleague of you, our readers. So as way of introduction let me assure you I share your passion for theatre. I earned a degree in design and technology for the theatre from the University of Evansville. I came to New York City with the plan to pursue a path in lighting design and worked as an electrician, assistant LD; just about any role to build my skills and network with designers. I took a turn into theatrical manufacturing and worked in sales and marketing for a range of companies as well as with theatrical dealers as a systems integrator. I’ve written about entertainment technology for many years, probably interviewing some of you along the way, and I look forward to hearing from, speaking with, and getting to know many more of you going forward.

If theatre is about collaboration then so too is publishing. Until I took on the role of editor, I knew it but didn’t KNOW it. I do now! (My mea culpa to the many editors who I left biting their nails past deadline over the years). This issue I started working with the great team of people that Terry Lowe, president of Timeless Communications, (who I thank for trusting me in this role) has put together. Like any theatrical production, there are many people who work in the background collaborating on a magazine, never seen but richly deserving of applause. So, I urge you to read all those names on the masthead next to this editor’s note. They are all amazingly talented and wonderfully patient people. I have learned so much from all of them this past month. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention two people not on the SD masthead but who are incredibly supportive colleagues, PLSN editor Richard ‘Nook’ Schoenfeld and Frank Hammel, managing editor.

I hope you enjoy the next chapter of this great magazine and become part of all the conversations that we will be having covering the art and technology of theatre. Until next month; I’ll meet you at the stage door.