Gerriets: Friction Drive Low Voltage Motor

by Michael Eddy
The Friction Drive from Gerriets for its Trumpf 95 system
The Friction Drive from Gerriets for its Trumpf 95 system

The Friction Drive from Gerriets, is a 24VDC low voltage motor designed to move curtains and scenery along Gerriets’ Trumpf 95, Joker 95, Studio / E, and Cargo track systems. No rope, pulleys, or rope guides required. Think of Friction Drive as a motorized master carrier. It's an innovative approach to movement in applications that do not require speeds exceeding the 12" per second in the standard models, with faster speeds available through additional customization.

The Friction Drive motor hangs on the track similar to any other carrier and the bottom rubber friction wheel is tensioned against the underside of the track providing smooth continuous movement along the length of the track.

Curtains or scenery can be easily attached to the motor and are pushed or pulled along the track. The motor is powered either by a trailing festooned cable or via conductor rails integrated onto the top of the track. With the integrated conductor rail, continuous loop circular movement is possible.

Gerriets Friction Drive G-Frame controller Further information from Gerriets: