Mega-Systems: ImageCue Wireless Content Upload Kit

by Michael Eddy
The wireless content upload kit for the ImageCue media server
The wireless content upload kit for the ImageCue media server

ImageCue is now offering a Wireless Content Upload Kit that has the ability to turn ImageCue into a private WiFi hotspot. Users will be able to connect to ImageCue using any WiFi compatible device. After connecting to the WiFi, the compact device serves a secure file browser that enables users to upload their content to ImageCue’s USB drive. After the content is uploaded, ImageCue allows users to copy, move, or rename it.

“With this new development, users will no longer have to use ‘sneaker-net’ to update or add content to an ImageCue show,” says ImageCue LLC CEO, Bill Hewlett. “By adding the wireless kit to ImageCue, it is possible to immediately upload content from any wireless device like a PC, iPhone, Android device, or iPad.”

To further explain the new kit, Hewlett describes a part of the process that ensures its security, so that users won’t have to worry about other people retrieving any of their content such as pictures or videos: “In order to upload content the process must be enabled via DMX from the control console.”

The NEW Wireless Content Upload Kit is now available and is purchased separately from the ImageCue compact server.

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