PR Lighting: Aqua 600 Waterproof Spot

by Michael Eddy
The Aqua 600 waterproof spot from PR Lighting
The Aqua 600 waterproof spot from PR Lighting

PR Lighting introduces the Aqua LED 600 Spot, a bright and powerful IP65 rated luminaire that is designed for both indoor and outdoor production. With a 600W LED engine this moving spot luminaire is PR's brightest IP-rated LED light to date. It features a variety of effects that can be used under inclement weather. This allows for the unit to be used in outdoor productions or in permanent and temporary exterior applications.

The zoom range, animation wheel, gobos, prism and CYM color mixing can be used to create unique looks in different conditions. The Aqua 600 has a unique easy gobo access which simplifies the ability to easily change the gobos without having to disassemble the entire head. With a dynamic zoom range (8°-56°) the unit can be utilized in near and far settings. Whether used for production or installation, the Aqua Led 600 Spot can illuminate all of your applications.


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