Robe: BMFL LightMaster Side/Rear Accessory

by Michael Eddy
The Robe BMFL LightMaster Side/Rear Accessory
The Robe BMFL LightMaster Side/Rear Accessory

Robe’s BMFL LightMaster accessory, which includes a control panel with two individual faders that help lighting crews make use of BMFL fixtures in followspot mode — when using the externally mounted programmable followspot handles — is available for sideways or back-mounted operation.

The handles have two programmable faders (e.g. dimmer and iris), a touchscreen display control panel with four programmable jog-wheels, and 10 assignable buttons, which allow the operator to trigger and control dimmer, iris, focus, zoom, frost, colors, or other features of the unit.

While being used by the followspot operator, the remote lighting console can still take control of all the internal features of the BMFL unit (like dimmer, colors etc.).

The BMFL fixture’s internal settings allow pan / tilt movement behavior to be tailored by adjusting tension smoothness and resistance.

Quarter-turn locking screws enable quick mounting for the LightMaster in either back or side positions, and the control panel connects to the BMFL via USB.

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