Enttec: Hyperion HP 1 Intelligent Gigabit Switch

by Michael Eddy
The Hyperion HP1 intelligent gigabit Ethernet switch
The Hyperion HP1 intelligent gigabit Ethernet switch

Enttec has introduced its new Hyperion HP1 Intelligent Gigabit switch, an Ethernet network switch that is designed specifically for entertainment lighting networks. Enttec’s engineers have spoken with a number of rental companies, lighting technicians, and people in the entertainment technology industry about what they needed in a network switch for lighting networks.

The company’s engineers have taken a good look at what qualities are deemed import in such a device. As a result, they think they've come up with something very good indeed. The company feels that everyone in the lighting and entertainment industry can feel confident about making the switch to its Hyperion HP1 switch.


  • Rock solid reliability: engineered and built for the touring market
  • Intelligent electronics made simple via a user-friendly web interface
  • 8 industry-standard etherCON ports (inc. fail-safe redundancy link)
  • Optical connectivity (via SFP and/or opticalCON)
  • 1Gbps connection speeds to accommodate thousands of lighting universes
  • Handles all major lighting, sound and audiovisual protocols with ease
  • No messing around with awkward wings and add-ons to make it fit. Simply slot into a standard touring rack space
  • The most affordable switch in its class: experience true high-end construction and functionality without breaking the bank
  • This touring-grade device has been designed for life on the road, allowing for the handling and routing of unicast, multicast, and broadcast packets with an elegant and intuitive setup

With features including Enttec’s peace-of-mind Redundancy Looping, popular fiber connectivity (SFP and/or opticalCON) and an intuitive, fully-configurable web interface, the Hyperion effectively prioritizes professional lighting protocols and is compatible with Art-Net, sACN, MA-Net, PTPv1, PTPv2 and any other TCP/IP usage. Of course, it can also make tidy work of audio and AV signals too.

The price is right
Most budget network switches don't offer popular industry connectors such as powerCON or optiCON, while those that do are usually priced through the roof. With the Hyperion, Enttec has come up with a happy compromise. They set out to create an Ethernet switch that ticks all the vital boxes for a productive working life on the road, but one that also wouldn't break the bank. They've noticed some significantly more expensive switches out there on the market, often with minimal or zero additional functionality, but they'd rather see their customers put that extra cash towards something more enjoyable. Because it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.

To opticalCON, or not to opticalCON?
Unlike most high-end network switches where the only fiber option is to have expensive opticalCON ports fitted as standard, the Hyperion retains trusted SFP transceiver technology across all models for optical support, keeping costs down by a significant margin for users not requiring opticalCON (in which case, our classic HP1-81 would be the Hyperion to go for). However, if users do want opticalCON, of course they can have opticalCON!

Choose from the company's flagship pairing with either a front (HP1-82F) or rear-mounted connector (HP1-82R), and you'll be sorted.

Ordering information
71025 HP1-82F:  Hyperion Gigabit Switch with opticalCON (front)

MSRP $1500.00

71026 HP1-81:  Hyperion Gigabit Switch with NO opticalCON
MSRP $999.00

71027 HP1-82R:  Hyperion Gigabit Switch with opticalCON (rear)
MSRP $1500.00