Rational Acoustics: Smaart v8.2 Update

by Michael Eddy
A screenshot of Smaart® v8.2 from Rational Acoustics
A screenshot of Smaart® v8.2 from Rational Acoustics

Rational Acoustics LLC announces the release of the second major version update for the Smaart® v8 measurement platform – Smaart v8.2. This free update includes many significant feature additions, interface modifications and bug fixes, and is recommended for all Smaart v8 users.

The primary feature additions include a re-working of Smaart’s SPL measurement functionality as well as integration with SG Audio’s 10EaZy SPL measurement hardware and the incorporation of some of the core features of 10EaZy software directly into the Smaart user interface.

Connecting 10EaZy hardware to a computer running Smaart v8.2, either Mac or PC, will automatically enable a set of key elements from 10EaZy within the Smaart user interface. This gives Smaart users access to features like 10EaZy’s popular “Maximum Average Manager” (MAM) feature and means that Smaart is now able to provide certified, class-compliant SPL measurements when used with 10EaZy’s Class1 or Class 2 hardware. For 10EaZy users, this means that their hardware can now be used on the Mac platform through Smaart. The new integration also supports measuring SPL from multiple 10EaZy units simultaneously.

New features added to Smaart’s SPL measurement functionality include:

For a complete overview of all feature additions, modifications and bug fixes in the Smaart v8.2 release, as well as instructions for updating, please visit www.rationalacoustics.com/smaart-v8.2/

Further information from Rational Acoustics LLC: www.rationalacoustics.com
Further information from SG Audio Aps: www.10eazy.com

About Rational Acoustics
Rational Acoustics is dedicated to making the world a better place to listen. Developers of the industry-leading Smaart audio analysis and optimization software, we support the advancement of the field of acoustic test and measurement and system alignment through product development, education and community support.

About SG Audio Aps
SG Audio Aps is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Based on years of experience touring as a FOH engineer and facing sound level limits, Founder Jacob Navne set out to develop a monitoring solution that would both fulfill legal requirements as well as provide him with intuitive and easy to understand updates while mixing. 2006 saw the first release of 10EaZy used at the well-known Roskilde Festival, and since 2007 the system has been sold and widely accepted by both engineers and law enforcement in many countries around the globe.