Chauvet Professional: Ovation F-915FC Full Color-Mixing Fresnel

by Michael Eddy
The Ovation F-915FC full color-mixing Fresnel from Chauvet
The Ovation F-915FC full color-mixing Fresnel from Chauvet

With the introduction of the Ovations F-915FC, a full color-mixing Fresnel, Chauvet Professional now offers designers a wider array of color mixing options with Fresnel lighting. The Ovation F-915FC features an RGBA-Lime LED system. Joining this fixture in the company’s Fresnel line is the new Ovation F-915VW, a variable white Fresnel utilizing a proprietary 6-color LED system.

“Our two new fixtures give designers much greater flexibility in the way they can use Fresnels in theatre, broadcast, and house of worship applications,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “We developed these fixtures based on feedback from customers who told us they were looking for more options in Fresnel lighting.”

A high output fixture, the Ovation F-915FC produces a soft field of light in a rainbow of colors from soft pastels to richly textured saturates, as well as nearly any temperature of white. “The Ovation F-915FC uses the same RGBA-Lime color mixing system that has been so successful in our Ovation ellipsoidal, cyc and batten fixtures,” said Chauvet. “Adding this Fresnel to a rig with those fixtures will result in consistently superior color rendering throughout the entire design.”

The Ovation F-915FC features motorized zoom with a 30° to 85° field angle, which allows precise control over the area covered by its light. It also has a virtual color wheel with over 30 popular colors and premixed white CCTs from 2,800 – 6,500K.

A variable white Fresnel, the new Ovation F-915VW delivers a consistently smooth output with a high TLCI, CRI, and CQS values at all color temperatures across a wide range of CCTs (2,800 – 8,000K) with markers at every 100K. The fixture offers +/-green adjustments for studio and film applications.

Like the color mixing Ovation F-915FC, the variable white Ovation F-915VW features smooth dimming down to the bottom of the curve. Both fixtures also feature Variable Pulse Width Modulation for flicker free operation; and both are virtually silent. Control of both fixtures can be attained via DMX or onboard dials.

“The introduction of these two feature-rich fixtures represent a great step forward for our Fresnel line,” said Chauvet. “We’re confident that designers will be able to turn to Ovation for whatever type of Fresnel lighting they need.”

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