Elation: Arena Zoom Q7 IP Exterior PAR Wash

by Michael Eddy
The Arena Zoom Q7 IP exterior PAR wash light from Elation Professional
The Arena Zoom Q7 IP exterior PAR wash light from Elation Professional

Elation’s Arena Series of high-power RGBW PAR lights is stepping outside with launch of the IP65-rated Arena Zoom Q7 IP™. A versatile full-color mixing wash luminaire, the Arena Zoom Q7 IP can be used for keylight, frontlight, or as a general wash light on indoor or outdoor stages of all types. The Arena Zoom Q7 IP is compact enough to fit into standard 12” truss as well, making it an ideal truss warmer/highlighter.

The luminaire houses (7) 30W Osram™ QUAD-Color RGBW LEDs which give a broad selection of saturated color options including a genuine white. Color mixing is extremely smooth, and a choice of color macros and variable speed macro effects is available for fast programming. Featuring a bright and well-defined beam, color temperature is variable from 3,200-10,000K for a wider range of color and color matching capabilities. The fixture also includes RGB white balance calibration, allowing users to adjust the maximum RGB values in order to set the white color temperature default level.

The Arena Zoom Q7 IP’s efficient and fast 7 - 40° motorized zoom is capable of angling from wide to extremely tight for accurate beam angle control and greater design possibilities. Capable of dimming smoothly from 0-100% with excellent stability throughout the range, the luminaire also includes a selection of dimming curves. Output is over 3,000 lumens yet the fixture is still energy-efficient, consuming only 250 watts of total max power.

The Arena Zoom Q7 IP is controllable via 6 DMX channel modes (12 total channels) and is RDM (Remote Device Management) ready. The fixture comes with customized weatherproof features like IP65-rated 5pin DMX and powerCON TRUE1 power in/out connections, as well as a host of standard features. A 4-button control panel with OLED menu display is 180° reversible and makes for easy navigation through DMX and manual settings. An auto-sensing power supply covers worldwide voltages and frequencies, allowing the fixture to operate anywhere in the world.

When used with cameras, the fixture works absolutely flicker-free thanks to its user-adjustable LED refresh rate and Gamma brightness settings. An integrated dual rigging yoke/floor stand allows it to either be rig mounted or stand on the floor and multiple units can be easily linked together for quick, customizable setups. A long LED life rating of 30,000 hours means service intervals are few and far between. Housed in a durable die-cast aluminum casing, the Arena Zoom Q7 IP offers all the benefits of LED like greater reliability, less maintenance, and increased energy efficiency for a lower cost of ownership.

Further information from Elation Professional: www.elationlighting.com