EAW: EAWmosaic 1.1.1 Released

by Michael Eddy
EAWmosaic V1.1.1 is now released and is available for both iOS and macOS
EAWmosaic V1.1.1 is now released and is available for both iOS and macOS

EAW announces the release of EAWmosaic 1.1.1. This version further enhances RADIUS’ usability through a number of useful bug fixes as well as the addition of a macOS support. EAWmosaic™ is an all-encompassing app for prediction, control, and monitoring of the EAW RADIUS loudspeaker family. With an extremely approachable design for engineers and system techs of all levels, EAWmosaic offers powerful design, prediction, and system optimization. This single, comprehensive app solution delivers intuitive and powerful control over your RADIUS™ system and runs on both iPad iOS and Mac OS.

EAWmosaic allows one to virtually model, predict, and evaluate a loudspeaker system’s performance for any user-defined venue. It will also predict direct SPL levels and frequency response throughout this virtual venue. Most importantly, it allows you to model a design that is safe for your application.

Via a wireless access point, EAWmosaic users can access all functionality via Dante-networked RADIUS loudspeakers to route audio, optimize the system, and monitor every device in real time. Network functionality is only available when online with a RADIUS system, but system design and prediction can be done offline, anywhere, any time.

iOS users can download the app through the App Store, while the macOS version can be downloaded from the EAW website.

What's New in Version 1.1.1
EAWmosaic version 1.1.1 fixes a number of bugs, greatly improving the user's experience. For users running a version older than 1.1, a firmware update is required to version 1.1.19 for all loudspeaker models. As noted in the Help File, it is strongly suggested that users do not perform an update immediately before an important event.

EAWmosaic Features:

  • Determines coverage
  • Loudspeaker discovery, grouping, control, monitoring and venue optimization are provided via a Wi-Fi connected iPad® or offline in advance of a gig
  • When a Dante™-enabled mixer (or other Dante source) is connected to RADIUS loudspeakers via the Dante network, you’re able to route Dante signals from the network directly to the RADIUS speakers
  • Helps predetermine any issues that may arise, including safety, weight, angle, flybar, and more
  • Great tool for pre-sales – customers are able to see the final setup prior to any purchase
  • FREE, in the App Store® for iPad iOS, or via this website for Mac OS.

Further information from EAW Technical Support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Further information from EAW: www.eaw.com