Claypaky: Axcor Profile 900 LED Spot

by Michael Eddy
The Axcor Profile 900 with an 880W LED light engine from Claypaky
The Axcor Profile 900 with an 880W LED light engine from Claypaky

The Claypaky Axcor Profile 900 uses a highly efficient 880W white LED light engine that achieves 46,000 lumen (24,000 lumen output) with a 6,500K color temperature, while an optional high-CRI (>90) light engine produces 34,000 lumen (17,500 lumen output) and a 5,600K color temperature.

Thanks to meticulous design and development work, Claypaky has been able to produce a high-performance LED fixture with a light emission comparable to a previous generation 1500W fixture, but with a power consumption of around 1 kW.

The beam produced by the Axcor Profile 900 is dense and evenly distributed for the entire length of the beam, at any beam angle in its zoom range of 7-40 degrees, and its CMY color mixing system uses gradual-insertion dichroic wheels, supported by a linear CTO correction device, to produce smooth transitions between colors. In addition, a separate color wheel carries six carefully selected professional color filters, including a custom-designed CRI enhancement filter.

The patented framing system works on four different focal planes and can generate sharp shapes of different sizes and proportions. The system is not affected by any shaping distortions even at wide beam angles, where significant distortions normally occur.

The Axcor Profile 900 also provides a versatile effects package. Features include six interchangeable high-definition rotating gobos, an animation wheel, a four-facet rotating prism, two variable frost options, and an iris with multiple built-in macros. The 16-bit electronic dimmer enables smooth transitions, while its completely flicker-free performance and low-noise cooling system makes it ideal for theater and television use, as well as for live events and concert touring productions.

When exhibited at LDI 2017 in Las Vegas in November, the Axcor Profile 900 was awarded the Gold Star Product Award for ‘Best New Hard Edge LED Spot’ by U.S.-based lighting and production magazine, PLSN. The Gold Star Awards aim to recognize a product’s quality, innovation and ability to expand the technological boundaries of live event production. The PLSN Awards judges said the Axcor Profile 900 offered more options to the user than all the other luminaires submitted by other manufacturers and was “the best in its class.”

Claypaky CEO Pio Nahum says, “As our very first LED spot fixture, the Axcor Profile 900 sets a new course for Claypaky, and we are proud to say it is the finest LED spot fixture on the market. This is an achievement which underlines our absolute commitment to enhancing the art of lighting and we look forward to seeing what our friends in the lighting design world can achieve with it!”

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