High End Systems: Hog 4 OS v.3.8.0 Software Release

by Michael Eddy
The HES HedgeHog 4 console
The HES HedgeHog 4 console

High End Systems announces the release of Hog 4 v.3.8.0 software for the Hog 4 console range. The release includes several new features and bug fixes.

Hog 4 OS v.3.8.0 adds external monitor / touchscreen capability to all HedgeHog 4 and HedgeHog 4N console models that have a VGA/DVI connection on the rear of the console. Additionally, a more theater-friendly desktop color scheme called ‘stealth’ has been added to user preferences. Lastly, touchscreen updates include support added for Dell P2418HT Touch Monitors, and iiyama ProLite T2252MTS touchscreens now function properly in Hog 4 v.3.8.0.

You can click HERE for more information and to download Hog 4 v.3.8.0.
High End Systems HedgeHog 4, rear panelOne of the consoles that take advantage of this software upgrade is the HES HedgeHog 4, which might be small, but still packs a serious punch. Built for travel (even on a plane), these consoles are compact and lightweight ― perfect for new users and smaller venues. HedgeHog 4 consoles share the same programming layout and capability as their larger brothers and can easily load show files from any console in the range.

There are two models ― the base-level HedgeHog 4 and the expanded HedgeHog 4X. Both have an internal 12.1-inch multi-touch monitor, ten faders, and four encoder wheels. The 4X has expanded networking capabilities and increased output capacity out of the box, while HedgeHog 4 users can perform a software update to unlock the 4X features at a later date. As a bonus, all HedgeHog 4 and 4X consoles include a license-free version of Light Converse visualization software.

Further information from High End Systems: www.highend.com