Chauvet Professional: Rogue R1X and R2X Spots

by Michael Eddy
The Rogue R1X from Chauvet Professional
The Rogue R1X from Chauvet Professional

Rugged, reliable, compact, feature-packed, and now with an even greater output, the Chauvet Professional Rogue R1X and Rogue R2X Spots are ready for action. For those of you who already have the Rogue R1 Spot and Rogue R2 Spot in your inventory, Chauvet has equipped the upgraded units with a legacy mode that enables you to adjust the output of the R1X and R2X to match the output of your R1 and R2. Chauvet has also added RDM and PWM control options for installations and on-camera work.

Rogue R1X Spot

Rogue R1X Spot brings innovation and creativity with a rotating 3-facet prism for stunning aerial effects, a motorized iris and focus for beam shaping, as well as two gobo wheels, one of which rotates and has 7 interchangeable gobos for custom looks. Rogue R1X Spot shines brightly with a 170W LED light source in a 16° beam angle for crisp gobo projections in a range of eight beautiful colors.

Rogue R2X Spot
Rogue R2X Spot offers incredible value with a stunning range of colors and effects, all supported by professional quality engineering. Rogue R2X Spot builds on the features of the R1X Spot by adding gobo-morphing technology and two variable scrolling color wheels for an unlimited number of shape-changing and split-color effects. Rogue R2X Spot uses a powerful 300 W LED light source in a 16.5° beam angle for a brilliant light that creates an unparalleled audience experience.

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