PRG: Mbox Player

by Michael Eddy
The Mbox Player from PRG
The Mbox Player from PRG

PRG has announced the release of Mbox® Player, the newest member of the Mbox family of software. Mbox Player is a media playback application created with the ideas of simple setup, quick programming, and streamlined playback control.

Player is based on the technology found in PRG's existing line of Mbox media server software. Because of this, Player benefits from 10+ years of media playback expertise and a commitment to ease-of-use and reliability. Mbox Player offers video professionals a simple, fast, and reliable platform for the delivery of typical 16:9 video with built-in looping and crossfading. It is the perfect choice for the video professional looking to provide linear cueing and single-layer playback control without the complexity of a typical media server.

Mbox Player is designed for the playback and output of individual video and still image clips with the ability to apply a variable crossfade or delay between each item. Player’s interface uses the industry-standard concept of Preview and Program buses to provide both a look ahead view in the Preview bus, and when loaded into the Program bus, clips are output from the computer’s show output.

Features include:

Simple user interface with media organization for cueing, preview, and playback
Immediate visual feedback in both preview and program buses
Flexible video output resolution (up to 4K60) from connected display devices
Playback of content up to 4K resolution
Configurable transitions between media clips - cuts, delays, and crossfades, seamless looping
Rapid programming for adding clips, previewing and modifying their properties, then moving to playback
Trigger and playback synchronization between multiple Mbox Player instances, with variable trigger delay
Drag and drop copying of properties between clips
Edit all clip properties during playback
Audio playback (up to 8 channels) with volume control and variable audio delay

Mbox Player can be used on any Apple® Mac® computer that has an Intel 64-bit processor, running OS X 10.10 Yosemite or any newer version of the Mac operating system. For evaluation purposes, the Mbox Player software can be run in demo mode with only minor limitations until a license is purchased. PRG always recommend testing the software on your computer prior to purchasing as hardware setups can have an impact on performance.

Mbox Player can be licensed using a USB license key that can be moved to any computer an unlimited number of times, or with a soft-license that has restrictions on the number of activations.  If you would like to purchase a license key for Mbox Player, please contact your local PRG office. A soft-license can be purchased by clicking the button below or directly through the Mbox Player application.

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