Sensaphonics: Mega-Bite Bite Block for IEMs

by Stage Directions
Seen here in advance beta testing at Sensaphonics HQ, the Mega-Bite bite block for ear impressions.
Seen here in advance beta testing at Sensaphonics HQ, the Mega-Bite bite block for ear impressions.

Chicago, IL – April 1, 2018 – Sensaphonics, the world leader in hearing wellness and experts in obtaining the perfect fit for in-ear monitors, has introduced Mega-Bite™, the world’s biggest bite block. While Sensaphonics will continue its policy to eschew using of bite blocks for their own soft silicone custom IEMs, President Michael Santucci, Au.D., felt the company had no choice but to address competitors who insist on bite blocks as a part of the ear impression process.

“In this ‘bigger is better’ world, makers of acrylic custom IEMs tell their customers that using a bite block for ear impressions will somehow get them a better fit,” notes Santucci. “No one can explain it, and no one has proof that it works, but apparently that doesn’t matter. So, we developed Mega-Bite with reckless abandon.”

Measuring a generous five-inches in height, the Sensaphonics Mega-Bite accommodates even the largest mouth dimensions, which somehow translates into a better fit for hard plastic IEMs. Made from a patent-pending combination of medical grade soft silicone and hydrophilic polymers, Mega-Bite is engineered to ensure a pain-free biting experience while eliminating the embarrassing drool associated with regular bite blocks. To further enhance the impression process, Mega-Bite will be offered in spearmint, bubblegum, and bar-b-q flavors.

“I remain mystified as to how a bite block can help improve the fit of a hard-acrylic earpiece,” says Santucci. “I guess I’ve been brainwashed by all the science they taught me in audiology school, where I learned that soft silicone gives the best fit and isolation. But I figure if the world wants to believe in bite blocks, Sensaphonics will give them one they can really sink their teeth into. The result is Mega-Bite. It’s the biggest and the best, and it’s going to be huge!”

Mega-Bite bite blocks are expected to ship in Q3 of 2018 and will be available exclusively from Sensaphonics. Advance orders and dealer inquiries are being accepted at