Avolites: Titan v11 Available Now

by Stage Directions
Avolites Titan v11 software update is now available
Avolites Titan v11 software update is now available

Avolites’ software update, Titan v11, which went live at Prolight+Sound this year, is now available for download. Avolites' lighting control software, Titan brings new features to Avolites' consoles.
Here are two videos of Avolites Titan v11 new features:

Extending Titan's color features, v11 updates the platform to handle seven color systems plus HSI channels and gel libraries from Roscolux, Lee and Gam.

A number of new features increase Titan's functionality: users can now specify the number of times to run Shapes, Key Frames, and Pixel Maps to loop, including once-only. The software's timeline feature now also allows for up to four separate timecode streams to run simultaneously.

Zoom palettes with Titan v11 have now been made global: users can create one zoom palette and apply it to work across all fixtures. Multi-select for playback options means that options can be group selected and changes applied across all simultaneously. New lighting programming modes, including mirror and wings, have also been realized, making creating fixture positions faster than ever. 

Avolites Titan v11 Release Notes can be found here
Download Avolites Titan v11 software update here 

Further information from Avolites: www.avolites.com