Whirlwind: Power Link PLR-SKB Series Portable Power Distribution

by Stage Directions
The Power Link PLR-SKB series portable power distribution from Whirlwind
The Power Link PLR-SKB series portable power distribution from Whirlwind

Back in 2012, Whirlwind expanded its product line even further with the introduction of its Power Link, a line of portable power distribution products. After two years of development, Whirlwind was granted a UL listing for its Edison boxes as well as its tour grade distro breakout boxes in the Power Link line.

“As with all of our products, we instill confidence by doing it right, every single time, and when dealing with power, there is no greater stamp of safety than a UL listing,” stated Michael Laiacona, Whirlwind President.

At that point, Whirlwind had been in business for over 35 years Whirlwind and had been a staple in the world of live audio, from the largest tours spanning the planet, to the most well-known stadiums and arenas, to events as prestigious as the Super Bowl or Olympics, but to that point, they never had a product on the power distribution side of the industry.

In the years since, the familiar red Power Link line has been seen backstage at a wide range of tours, events, and television productions. The Power Link line is ideal for theatrical productions, live sound reinforcement, AV rental, or any event that requires multiple, industrial-strength power drops. The company has expanded the Power Link line in the years since the launch of the product line, especially with feedback from end-users.

At the recent NAMM show in Anaheim in January of 2018, Whirlwind introduced two new Power Link products: the PLR-SKB Series of Portable Power Distribution. The company got a great response from attendees at the show as well as end-users who have purchased and used the products in the real world in their productions.

The well-engineered PLR-SKB series takes a Whirlwind Power Link distro and packs it into an SKB i-series case, with casters, measuring 23”x18”x12”. Currently there are two models in the PLR-SKB line, the PLR-SKB01 and PLR-SKB02, both of which provide an extremely portable and simple solution when you need to breakout power. With all connections and access from the top, the PLR-SKB series avoids the need for unnecessary clearance around the distro while offering easy access. Just roll the case into place, open the lid, plug in your power, and you are ready to distribute power.

The Whirlwind PLR SKB01 Cam-Lok distro splitter The PLR-SKB01, which weighs 72 lbs., has one set of (5) 16-series Cam-type inlets (dual-gender G/N) for Input and four sets of (7) 16-series Cam-type outlets (dual-gender G/N) for Output.

The Whirlwind PLR-SKB02 distroThe PLR-SKB02, which weighs 47 lbs., has one set of (5) 16-series Cam-type inlets, (12) 20A duplex and (3) L2130 outlets, all with hydraulic / magnetic circuit breakers, test points, and neon lamps.

As is typical with Whirlwind, custom configurations are readily available as well.

Like the other products in Whirlwind’s Power Link line, the PLR-SKB products are made in the USA using lightweight, yet rugged aluminum panels; premium, fast-response, magnetic circuit breakers, and top of the line components. All Power Link products are built the way you’d expect when the Whirlwind name is on it.

From giant stadium splitter systems, to fiber optics as thin as a human hair, you will find Whirlwind's name synonymous with quality, workmanship, and dependability. They're proud to bring you the safest, and most overbuilt portable power distribution period. Power Link—The Whirlwind Standard in Portable Power Distribution.

Further information from Whirlwind: www.whirlwindusa.com