RC4 Wireless: Six-Channel Wireless DMX Dimmers

by Stage Directions
The range of new six-channel wireless DMX dimmers from RC4 Wireless
The range of new six-channel wireless DMX dimmers from RC4 Wireless

RC4 Wireless announce that eight new six channel wireless DMX dimmers premier at PLASA. While most wireless dimmers on the market are two channel, RC4 Wireless has changed the game, providing six channels in eight new products across four product lines. Be sure to stop by the RC4 Wireless stand, #C50. They will also be on display as well as at LDI in Las Vegas next month in booth #521. “The new RC4 Wireless series of six-channel wireless dimmers provide more dimmers in one small unit, ideal for LED tape and panels with five and six colors, or to run two LED devices that are three colors each,” states James David Smith, CEO and Chief Product Developer at RC4 Wireless.

“Ongoing improvements in component miniaturization and power handling let us pack more punch into the same size packages as our two- and four-channel devices,” continues Smith. “We’re constantly watching power component trends, particularly in the automotive industry where robustness is paramount, and we bring that class of design to what our customers expect from RC4 products. Evolution and innovation never stops at RC4; R&D and product improvement is built into our DNA.”

The RC4Magic Series 3 line, operating at 2.4GHz, is the firm’s most popular line of products, and can be found in theatres, television productions, films and more worldwide. The new RC4Magic DMX6dim-500 is the only high powered, 6-channel wireless product on the market today. For users who don’t need a super charged dimmer, the firm is also premiering the RC4Magic DMX6dim. Both products offer all the features that designers and technicians worldwide have grown to know, love and depend on for reliable DMX wireless control and LED dimming.

For users in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil, the RC4Magic-900 line operates far away from WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless system in the crowded 2.4GHz band. RC4 Wireless is the only firm offering a high powered 6-channel 900MHz wireless dimmer solution—the RC4Magic-900 DMX6dim-500 with a 45A capacity—as well as the RC4Magic-900 DMX6dim with a 16A capacity.

Like the 2.4GHz series, the 900 series offers RC4 Private System IDs for the most secure wireless DMX signal in the industry. All RC4 dimmers provide variable PWM frequencies, RC4 Digital Persistence, RC4 ColorMatch, RC4 HotPatch, the RC4 Flkr Effects Engine, an HSL Color Controller and more: all the best of RC4 Wireless with six channels and both RC4Magic 2.4GHz and RC4Magic-900 come with the industry’s only Lifetime Warranty.

RC4 Wireless also offers devices for the LumenRadio CMRX platform. The newest six-channel additions are the LumenDim6 and the LumenDimM6. Gaffer and Best Boy Electric Sean McClellan has beta tested the LumenDim6 for several months on various television and motion picture productions. “I think the LumenDim6 is best for applications that require multiple channels, whether it has three circuits of hybrid white, two circuits of RGB, or drives a single six-channel RGBATD LED ribbon. The LumenDim6 is great because it has a high amperage capacity, so it can handle the more complex LED ribbon and panels that are emerging on the market today,” he states. For jobs where smaller size is needed, the LumenDimM6 is the perfect choice for LumenRadio users who need six dimmer channels.

Those who prefer the Wireless Solutions W-DMX platform can now use the RC4 Wireless W-DIM6 and the considerably more compact W-DIMm6. “Since their creation, RC4 has happily offered our small wireless dimmer solutions for use with the W-DMX radio platform,” explains RC4 Wireless Applications Specialist Sean Dane. “The new six-channel RC4 Wireless W-DIM devices bring expanded solutions to existing owners of Wireless Solution W-DMX systems. Combining the large existing user base of W-DMX customers with the compact dimming and pixel driving solutions of RC4 is a win-win for everyone.”

Smith concludes, “The RC4 Harmonized Design process allows us to develop the best new core technologies, then seamlessly apply them to a variety of RF platforms without worry of compatibility problems or confusing variations in user interface and functions. Now, with a range of large and small six-channel dimmers for all popular wireless DMX systems on the market today, we’ve done it again, and we’ve done it well.”

All of the RC4 Wireless 6-channels dimmers will be on display at the PLASA London show on stand #C50, as well as at LDI in Las Vegas next month in booth #521.

Further information from RC4 Wireless: www.rc4wireless.com and www.wirelessdimming.com.