Whirlwind: Rack Lightning, Adjustable LED Rack Illumination System

by Michael Eddy
The Rack Lightning System from Whirlwind
The Rack Lightning System from Whirlwind

The Rack Lightning™ system from Whirlwind is a rack rail lighting system that can illuminate your equipment rack in six different color settings, with an adjustable dimming control. Using LEDs, Whirlwind's Rack Lightning system allows the user to choose the color and brightness level to suit their rack locations.

An expansion to Whirlwind’s renowned Power Link line of power distribution products, the Rack Lightning system is designed to get you out of the dark ages and into the light. The system is available as a rack rail version, or as an overhead single space unit. Attain enlightenment with the new Rack Lightning system from Whirlwind. The company stands behind its Whirlwind brand; they didn’t earn customer’s trust cutting corners, and they’re not about to start.

Further information from Whirlwind: www.whirlwindusa.com