Cable Munkey: Cable Management Tool

by Michael Eddy

Cable Munkey™ is an affordable easy to use cable management tool, designed to save time and money while hanging cables in a theatrical environment. Cable Munkey also works well in many other environments to hold extension cords, backpacks, clothes, tools and so much more. The Cable Munkey has sprang from the imagination of Jonathan Allender-Zivic, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Lighting and Sound Design, and Stage Management at the University of South Dakota. There's currently an Indiegogo campaign to get it kicked off. Here's a video introduction to this clever theatrical tool: 

The Cable Munkey Story
“I am a theatrical lighting designer by trade. In 2015 I started working on a way to save time and money hanging lights for theatrical productions,” explains Allender-Zivic. “Cable Munkey is the result. It started many versions ago as a wooden CNC cutout, as it evolved, I began working with 3D printing to prototype the new designs, it has evolved over time into the configuration and shape that you see now.”
The Cable Munkey development process

“This project has been a passion of mine for a number of years now, and through my own use and testing I have found that it cuts down significantly on the time it takes to hang and strike lights.  It also significantly reduced my need to use tieline (black thin cord) to tie up cables.”
Cable Munkey savings facts

“As I was going through the stages of testing, I discovered that not only did it work great for my intended theatrical work, but it worked great for hanging things like extension cords, clothing and so much more in so many other places.”

An Indiegogo Campaign
Allender-Zivic has started an Indiegogo campaign to get the Cable Munkey off the ground. “I am so close to being able to bring this to market, this campaign will help me get over the hump of the injection molding costs.”

He continues with his explanation, “I am looking to raise $10,000 to offset the cost of the injection mold.  As I delved into this world, I was surprised to learn just how expensive the injection molding process is.  The first quote I ever received for a mold was $21,300. My jaw hit the floor. Working with a local plastic molding company in Iowa I have been able to make design modifications that allow me to reduce the cost of the mold a little over half.”
The Cable Munkey in its habitat

Further information from Cable Munkey: