Absolute Lumens: Large Halogen PAR Lamps

by Stage Directions
A PAR64 lamp from Absolute Lumens
A PAR64 lamp from Absolute Lumens

While the live event and architectural industries have always been driven by technology and adapting to new innovations has been key to survival for manufacturers, more than a few eyebrows were raised when major companies like GE Lighting and Osram Sylvania recently discontinued making large PAR lamps altogether. Many people running theaters, smaller production houses, theme parks along with those maintaining architectural lighting said, “too soon.” In stepped Absolute Lumens to fill that void and meet those needs. Available through Techni-Lux, the aim is to “Support All”.

“While our industry as a whole has embraced LED solutions and innovations as the present and future of lighting, Absolute Lumens realized that there is a real need to also support the past,” says Alex Gonzalez of Techni-Lux. “That’s why we’re proud to carry Absolute Lumens products.”
PAR46, 56, and 64 lamps now available from Absolute Lumens

Eighteen different PAR lamps are now available through Techni-lux including:

  • PAR46 200W in MFL, NSP
  • PAR56 300W in MFL, NSP, WFL
  • PAR56 500W in MFL, NSP, WFL
  • PAR64 500W in MFL, NSP, WFL
  • PAR64 1,000W in MFL, NSP, WFL

Gonzalez talks about the venerable PAR fixture. “It’s important to understand that there are still thousands used, particularly in theaters and all kinds of venues and public spaces,” he says. “The initial expense to switch to newer technology is simply prohibitive for many, and so these great lights will be used for many years to come, and they will need replacement bulbs. Plus, despite the advancement in LEDs, there are some out there who still simply prefer the halogen. It’s still a very good viable source with great color rendering and high CRI, and there’s no flicker to be concerned about. There are actually industries which still need the IR and heat produced by these lamps. As the dealers, resellers, and professional users know, it’s a simple technology that is proven and reliable.”

Absolute Lumens is dedicated to making sure that all who serve this market keep a steady supply of replacement light bulbs for stage, studio, and touring entertainment fixtures, in addition to non-entertainment uses like medical and non-residential applications. While they are dedicated to innovating compatible LED replacements, the Absolute Lumens is also constantly making legacy products available. For sales, contact Techni-Lux: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 407.857.8770.

Further information from Absolute Lumens: www.absolutelumens.com