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 The Carvin C2040 mixing console
The Carvin C2040 mixing console

The Carvin C2040 mixing console

Carvin’s C1240 and C2040 4-bus consoles were designed for high performance live mixing. The C1240 offers 12 channels with 8 XLR inputs plus 4 Stereo channels and the C2040 offers 20 channels with 16 XLR inputs plus 4 Stereo channels. Along with the 4-bus design, both consoles offer 4 monitor sends plus 2 effect sends per channel. Two 24-Bit on-board stereo effect processors are available to every channel through EFF send 1 and 2. Main L-R, Subwoofer and Monitor outputs feature balanced XLR outputs to accommodate long runs from the board. These mixers are designed on a small-scale platform to make them easy to transport and use. The C2040 is also available with 2 optional built-in wireless microphone receivers, eliminating the need for outboard wireless equipment. A detailed video is available online with a full demonstration of all features.

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