American DJ Mega Tripar Profile

by Jacob Coakley


The American DJ Mega Tripar Profile
The American DJ Mega Tripar Profile

The new Mega TRIPAR Profile from American DJ is powered by five 3-watt 3-in-1 Tri LEDs (red, green and blue) and is designed to produce bright colors that are more smoothly blended than those from par cans with single-color LEDs. Its Tri-Color LED technology also eliminates the annoying RGB shadows often associated with single-color LED lamps. The Mega Tripar Profile is housed in a low-profile sit-flat case identical to that of the original Mega Par Profile.  Because the power and DMX connectors have been intelligently positioned on the side of the fixture, rather than the rear, the Mega TRIPAR Profile can sit directly on the ground or inside truss without its hanging bracket.

Featuring a 40° beam angle, the Mega TRIPAR Profile includes 32 built-in Color Macros, Color Strobing and 0-100% Electronic Dimming. It can be operated in 5 different modes: DMX-512 Mode; Sound Active Mode; Auto Mode; Static Color Mode; or RGB Mode (color blending).  When used with a DMX controller, operators can choose from 7 different channel modes for a variety of programming options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7-channel.  A digital display with 4-button menu on the rear of the unit provides easy access to DMX settings.

The Mega Tripar Profile can be run as a Stand-Alone unit or in Master-Slave configuration to give synchronized coverage over a wider area.  It features IEC AC input and output on the side of the fixture for daisy chaining up to 33 units.

As another convenient control option, the Mega Tripar Profile can be operated with American DJ’s LED RC wireless infrared remote controller (sold separately). The LED RC allows for remote control of the Mega TRIPAR Profile’s basic functions from distances up to 30 ft./10M.

The Mega Tripar Profile’s LEDs are rate for 50,000 hour life. Each unit draws just 16 watts of electricity, resulting in considerable energy savings over conventional par cans.

The unit comes with a scissor yoke hanging bracket that allows it to be hung on truss, mounted on a wall or set on the ground – or you can remove the bracket entirely to give the fixture its “sit-flat” positioning.  Weighing just 3 lbs/1.2kg and measuring a compact 9”L x 8.75”W x 3.5”H/ 225 x 220 x 85mm, the Mega TRIPAR Profile is great for mobile use.

The MSRP of the Mega TRIPAR Profile is $209.95.

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