Philips Showline SL Bar 640 & SL Bar 660

by Jacob Coakley

The Showline SL Bar 640 (left) and the SL Bar 660 (right)
The Showline SL Bar 640 (left) and the SL Bar 660 (right)

Philips is now shipping their new Showline SL Bar 640 and SL Bar 660 RGBW LED linear wash fixtures. The 4-foot (SL Bar 640) and 6-foot (SL Bar 660) fixtures are capable of being used as a wash or as a direct-view linear bar. The fixtures also feature the Harmonize Color Calibration System, and with paired module control of the pixels and simple batten connections, the SL Bar 640 and SL Bar 660 are designed to provide maximum flexibility and originality. The SL Bar 660 produces 20,000 lumens of output and the SL Bar 640 produces over 13,000 lumens of output; and both luminaires also feature a 60 degree beam angle, built-in effects and chases, an auto-orienting LCD menu, multiple dimming curves and color modes, full RDM implementation, a unique strobe control paradigm, plus industry standard Powercon in/out and 5-pin DMX connectors. Video of the SL Bar 640 and SL Bar 660 after the jump.

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