Martin Mac III AirFX

by Jacob Coakley


The Martin Mac III AirFX
The Martin Mac III AirFX

The Martin Mac III AirFX if a 1500-watt luminaire that combines hard-edge, mid-air effects and a wash field in one luminaire. Featuring nearly 60,000 lumens, the Mac III AirFX is designed to cut through light from even the most powerful LED screens. An aerial effects wheel houses a set of 4 exceptional gobo designs, interchangeable and indexable effects that can be continuously rotated. A variable iris is also included when a tight beam is required.

The Mac III AirFX houses a 1:5 zoom with auto-linked focus that is fast with gobo effects that hold focus through the entire zoom range and at varying throws. Beam gobos can adjust along the entire zoom and unlike other fixtures, light output is constant throughout the entire zoom range with no visible beam jump from tight to wide. The Mac III AirFX uses a special 9” precision PC lens designed to give a fat beam look with less spill than micro-Fresnels. An optional Fresnel lens is also available.

The Mac III AirFX also come with a CMY color mixing system and a fixed color wheel that houses 7 interchangeable slots for an even broader color range. Users can create color bumps and splits and exceptional color blending with split colors. The color gamut is complemented with a variable CTO.

Its dimming system offers four dimming curves, fades that are completely uniform across the beam all the way to blackout. It also includes a separate shutter for fast and punchy strobe effects as well as a total front lens blackout.

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