Cast Software’s wysiwyg R31

by Jacob Coakley


Cast Software had released the R31 of their wysiwyg design and pre-viz software
Cast Software had released the R31 of their wysiwyg design and pre-viz software

Cast Software has released wysiwyg R31, the latest update to its lighting design and pre-viz software suite. A list of new features include a new material system in Shaded View, enhanced beam visualization, texturing enhancements, fanning tools, support for AutoCAD2013 and more. A full list of new features as well as a video of the new features in action after the jump.

  • New Material System in Shaded Views will allow material properties to be applied on a per-element level to any object in the file, adding more realism to real-time visualizations, meaning more screenshots and fewer renderings, therefore saving hours of time. Brand new material properties include: Specular Level, Specular Gloss, Specular Colour Source and Light Reflection, delivering 'really virtually real' images to enhance the creative process.
  • Enhanced beam visualization, offering a greater dynamic range for your beams and delivering more accuracy in relative intensities between different fixtures. Beams will no longer saturate to white when overlapping in large numbers.
  • Texturing Enhancements, including the ability to colour tint and brighten textures, images and videos, allowing users to put final touches on textured objects without the need to switch back and forth between wysiwyg and additional image editing software.
  • New Design Mode Fanning Tools: Intensity Fanning, Iris Fanning, Zoom Fanning and Colour Fanning.
  • Support for AutoCAD 2013 enables files saved in this software to be directly imported into wysiwyg.
  • New CAD tools including Intersection Snap and Trim & Extend functionality for lines.
  • New Dimension styles including new arrow styles and the ability to define customized default dimension object properties. These defaults can then be set in User Options and called up whenever needed.
  • Enhancements to Focus Objects including new Focus Arcs and Focus Lines, providing a fast way of creating looks and fanning your lights.
  • New Import Floorplan Wizard that supports larger image sizes, image rotation and selection of insertion points, making it easier and faster to work in wysiwyg by delivering new functionality and offering more flexibility when using imported floorplans.
  • New insert options in the Library Browser include Inserting Truss Vertically and Inserting Fixtures on Floor.
  • Addition of many new keyboard shortcuts for common operations.
  • Expanded library with New Fixtures, New Truss, and New Objects.

The wysiwyg R31 update is available now from the Members Only Area of the CAST website: