Zero 88’s New Chilli Pro Bypass Cabinet

by Jacob Coakley

The Zero 88 Chilli Pro Bypass CabinetThe new Chilli Pro Bypass lighting control cabinet is a professional 24-channel, slim line cabinet that features 24 Eaton bypass switches for use when direct mains power is needed in place of theatrical dimming. Available in both 10A and 16A variants, individual channels can be set for dimming or to deliver mains power for intelligent lights, light-emitting diode (LED) light fittings and other stage specials. Chilli Pro Bypass cabinets save wiring and simplify set up to make it easier to connect lights exactly where they are needed.

For peace of mind, the bypass switches, user interface and all breakers are also protected by a lockable, hinged cover with viewing window to check bypass status.

Chilli lighting control cabinets are a comprehensive range of high density wall mounted convection cooled dimming and power control devices. They are designed to be quick to install and set up, easy-to-operate and maintain, with an 18-button user interface and backlit LCD screen on each cabinet to ensure simple convenient set up for DMX patching, preheat, top set and dimmer curves.  A choice of responses to DMX failure, backup memories, built-in chases and an alarm input trigger complete this versatile package.

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