Zero 88 FLX Lighting Console

by Naomi Crews

Zero 88 FLX Lighting Console Eaton’s new FLX lighting console in their Zero 88 product line features a range of time saving features to meet the challenge of programming more complex LED fixtures with more color-changing options in less time. The FLX uses an internal 7-inch capacitive touch screen to help programmers navigate the available 2048 channels and 240 playbacks. Programming time is reduced with a simple three-step programming method: What you want, how you want it, where you want it. It is designed to be fast and easy to learn. The FLX is housed in a compact, tough and portable frame size and also has a range of complementary mobile apps and accessories.


The FLX’s intuitive user interface offers tools like Patch Wizard and Auto Palettes to consolidate all the prep work, leaving LDs, programmers and operators free to work faster and more harmoniously. Thanks to its “True Colours” tech, even if fixtures mix color using different methods, the software ensures all the fixtures respond correctly and accordingly. Colors can be adjusted in a multitude of ways, including additive, subtractive and HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value/Brightness). It also has a “Mood Boards by LEE Filters” tool to manage colors. The FLX offers 2,048 freely assignable control channels with no fixture patch limitations and is supported by 4 rotary encoders, 24 dedicated playback faders (with 10 pages) and 4 UDK’s (User Definable Keys). It uses “Fe-RAM” (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) to store every button press in real-time and ensure that every second of the work is saved without any battery backup. Additional USB wings - each with 24 more playback faders - can be added via USBs positioned all around the desk for complete convenience and full flexibility. A scratch resistant dual skin constructed metal body encloses the fan-free electronics and ensures that the FLX Lighting Console and Wings can perform in the most demanding environments.

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