Behringer MS8000 Mic Splitter

by Naomi Crews

MS8000 8-channel microphone splitterThe new MS8000 from Behringer is an ultra-low noise 8-in/16-out microphone splitter. The 1RU MS8000 features 8 XLR Input sockets on the front panel for your mics and DI boxes, along with a LIFT/GND switch to eliminate hum or other noise from ground loops. Each channel features an XLR Direct Out connector, which outputs a post-transformer copy of the input signal, and a second XLR Link Out connector sends a pre-transformer copy of the input signal. With its Input Link functionality, users can connect two adjacent channels, doubling the output possibilities of the common input signal, or even working as a passive mixer. All of MS8000’s channel Link Out XLR connectors allow your mixer or mic preamp to pass available phantom power to the XLR In connectors and on to your devices.

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