ETC Re-Releases Source 4WRD

by Jacob Coakley
ETC’s Source 4WRD LED engine has passed its new testing regimen
ETC’s Source 4WRD LED engine has passed its new testing regimen

ETC released their Source 4WRD LED engine, a unit that would allow owners of tungsten-based Source Four fixtures to change them over to LED-based fixtures this past spring. They halted shipping the units when they discovered a problem with the thermal management system. ETC has now announced that their solution has passed its internal testing and they are once again shipping the Source 4WRD.

The re-release of ETC’s Source 4WRD

This past April, ETC’s Source 4WRD™ was proactively placed on a shipping hold. The thermal management system was degrading faster than we anticipated and we made the choice to halt the shipment of a product that did not meet our internal standards.

After months of redesigning, reworking, and retesting, we are pleased to announce that the new Source 4WRD has passed our rigorous testing.

Given the overwhelmingly positive test results, the team agrees Source 4WRD is ready for re-release.

We’ve already begun the process of swapping out all original Source 4WRD product and expect all fixtures in the field to be upgraded within the next few months.

Thank you all for your patience as we proactively dealt with this quality issue. Your loyalty means everything to us.

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