Staging Concepts Introduces Moda Seating Wagon

by Jacob Coakley
A new Moda Seating Wagon installed at Northrup-Auditorium
A new Moda Seating Wagon installed at Northrup-Auditorium

The new Moda Seating Wagon from Staging Concepts is its latest modular seating solution for performing arts venues. Designed to provide additional audience seating for any size venue, this customizable product offers unlimited flexibility in seating capacity, audience configurations, and storage capabilities. The Moda Seating Wagon incorporates a minimalist, highly-engineered design that provides a lightweight, yet sturdy seating solution for theatres and auditoriums. For busy performance venues, Moda is built with high-end casters to enable as few as two people to quickly and easily move into storage. To reduce noise, each wagon also features acoustical damping. Although the Moda Seating Wagon is most often custom-designed, it is generally constructed with PS-1 structural grade plywood and a welded steel tube frame. Moda can range from a one-foot (30.5cm) low profile design height to a six-foot (183cm) profile design height. 

“We are excited to add to our line of premium staging products. The Moda Seating Wagon continues Staging Concepts’ tradition of offering the market highly-engineered systems that can be easily customized to seamlessly integrate into any facility,” said Bob Randall, Vice President of Staging Concepts. “We look forward to helping our clients make their performance venues more flexible, while improving the patron experience at the same time.” 

From its large design team to its custom manufacturing operation, Staging Concepts is known for its ability to come up with creative solutions for any facility or venue. For more information about Staging Concepts’ staging solutions, call (763) 533-2094 or visit

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