ETC Releases Unison Mosaic Atlas

by Jacob Coakley
ETC’s new Unison Mosaic Atlas rack-mounted controller
ETC’s new Unison Mosaic Atlas rack-mounted controller

The Mosaic Atlas from ETC is the newest member of their Unison Mosaic family of pixel array controllers. The Mosaic Atlas controls the largest scale of projects, providing power to map pixel arrays for building facades, bridges and presentation walls. The Atlas allows users to play video content across the array, or incorporate a range of creative, generative effects. Designed to meet the unique needs of such landmark projects, Mosaic Atlas is available in capacities ranging from 25,600 addresses of DMX-over-Ethernet (50 universes) up to 768,000 addresses (1,500 universes) from a single 19-inch rack-mounted unit. 

Digital video content can be played across the array, either from locally stored HD media files or an onboard video input. Interfaces can be triggered through RS232 Serial and Ethernet, and as a DMX-over-Ethernet device. Users can send output data to the network using Ethernet protocols including streaming ACN (sACN), Philips KiNet, ArtNet, and Pathway Pathport, simultaneously.

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