CSL Introduces Complete Range Of UL Listed Cables And Cablesets

by Jacob Coakley
Creative Stage Lighting now produces UL and cUL cables and cable assemblies.
Creative Stage Lighting now produces UL and cUL cables and cable assemblies.

NORTH CREEKY, NY — Creative Stage Lighting’s cable fabrication abilities received recognition in safety certification. CSL can produce UL and cUL listed Dura-Flex and other cables and assemblies. With increasingly stringent safety certification demands on tours, portable power distribution, installations, and productions, it’s easier to stay ahead of safety standards using UL and cUL cables produced by Creative Stage Lighting. Cable styles include: 19-pin multicables, breakins and breakouts, 7-pin motor cables, pin and sleeve, and more. Dura-Flex single pole (feeder cable assemblies) are available as UR (Underwriter’s Recognized).

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Among UL and cUL listings, CSL’s Dura-Flex assemblies continues its cable without compromise stance with a durable, flexible proprietary jacket and paper-tape slipping agent. Both features make Dura-Flex stand-up to extreme conditions and provides maximum flexibility. Along with UL and cUL listing, it’s a complete cable solution.

“After nearly two years in development, all of us at CSL are quite proud to offer our safety certified cables and cablesets,” said CSL President George B. Studnicky III. “It is amazing how few realize that by taking a certified connector and terminating it themselves, or with the assistance of a non-certified vendor onto a certified cable, the finalized cable assembly is not safety certifiedunless an assembly itself has been certified by UL it is not UL listed or recognized, no matter who does the termination work or what parts are utilized.”