d3 Technologies Unveils 2x4pro Media Server

by Michael Eddy
d3 Technologies’ 2x4pro Media Server
d3 Technologies’ 2x4pro Media Server

d3 Technologies has expanded its range of media servers with the introduction of the 2x4pro media server. The new server, like their flagship 4x4pro, supports d3’s interchangeable VFC (Video Format Conversion) cards, enabling users to drive up to eight outputs as DVI, 3G-SDI, or two DP1.2 from a single d3 2x4pro server.

Further information from d3 Technologies (www.d3technologies.com)

The 2x4pro is a Pro product scalable up to eight outputs. The 2x4pro features a refined chassis with the same rugged connectors to be expected from d3s pro range servers. The system has decoupled sensitive components with a floating internal chassis and a new ruggedized VFC backplane offers increased stiffness and reliability. It also features a dual 10Gbit/s media network and 2TB of ultra-fast solid-state storage.

The VFC cards give customers the flexibility to use mixed signal types and mixed resolutions from the same hardware while experiencing extremely low latency when compared to other market solutions for splitting 4K. The 2x4pro enables customers to Push Every Pixel with two VFC card slots. As part of extensive testing and pre-launch program the 2x4pro has already been road tested on shows in the USA and Europe. The d3 2x4pro ships standard with 2 x DP1.2 output cards and can be upgraded to DVI or 3G-SDI.

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