Cerwin Vega Launches Three New Powered Speaker Lines

by Michael Eddy
 Cerwin Vega’s new CVXL Powered Speakers
Cerwin Vega’s new CVXL Powered Speakers

Cerwin Vega recently unveiled the CV Series powered PA line that are classed in three distinct speaker groups—CVE, CVX, and CVXL. Cerwin Vega optimized each group’s audio and build quality for specific applications, from small to medium-sized venues and auditoriums, to stages requiring power to spare, the CV Series PA provides a match.

 Further information from Cerwin Vega (www.cerwinvega.com)

CVE Powered Speakers

This group of four powered speakers, single 10”, 12” and 15” tops with one 18” sub, represents the line’s most compact systems (hang points and accessory wall bracket are included). The 10”, 12”, and 15” models can serve as monitors as well as PAs. The CVE line addresses the applications where portability and light weight are paramount:

CVX Powered Speakers

A more powerful, medium-sized line with four powered speakers: single 10” and 15” tops, with 18” and 21” subwoofers that feature CV’s exclusive “Tour Shield” finish on the subwoofers. The CVX series is for applications requiring a relatively lightweight, but still portable, PA system such as:

CVXL Powered Speakers

The largest and most powerful of the CV Series group comprises five powered speakers: single 12”, 15”, or dual 15” tops, and single 18” or dual 21” subwoofer (featuring CV’s exclusive “Tour Shield” finish). This line is designed for: