Staging Concepts Launches Aria Acoustical Shell System

by Michael Eddy
A panel of the new Staging Concepts' Aria™ Acoustical Shell System
A panel of the new Staging Concepts' Aria™ Acoustical Shell System

Staging Concepts launched the Aria™ Acoustical Shell System, which offers engineered towers and ceiling panels to shape the sound of a performance space. Aria is designed as an easy to use and cost-effective solution for performing arts venues, school auditoriums and community theatres. The Aria Acoustical Shell towers span approximately eight feet wide and are offered in 16-foot (4.9m), 17-foot (5.2m), 18-foot (5.5m), 19-foot (5.8m) and 20-foot (6.1m) heights. The towers incorporate panels with a honeycomb core, allowing for easy transport and assembly since the system comes standard with casters that lock into place. Also, the design allows operators to readily reconfigure or move the shell within minutes by inserting a T-handle into the base of each tower.

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The Staging Concepts Aria Acoustical Shell System is constructed with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and standard acoustical panel construction consists of a laminated composite honeycomb panel. The shell’s towers and ceiling panels fit together to create an acoustically sound enclosure for any space. Fully customizable, the Aria can be finished with endless styles of paint or laminate to match the aesthetics of any space. Entrance doors can be integrated into the system to provide access for performers and equipment. Panels are offered in a standard 10-foot (3m) radius. Custom panel construction and finish are available upon request. Shell ceiling panels can incorporate virtually any light fixture from any manufacturer to ensure your stage is well lit.

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