Sennheiser’s MobileConnect brings Assistive Listening over WiFi to Smartphones

by Michael Eddy
A diagram of Sennheisers MobileConnect Assisted Listening Solution
A diagram of Sennheisers MobileConnect Assisted Listening Solution

WEDEMARK, GERMANY—At the recent ISE 2017 show, Sennheiser demonstrated its MobileConnect, which creates a simple assisted listening solution that works over WiFi and with audience member’s smartphones. As part of its ongoing commitment to inclusion, this Sennheiser offering advances the availability of an assisted listening solution to theatre spaces of all levels. By offering the ability to live stream audio via WiFi to a user’s own device, the system is ideally suited to facilities that wish to quickly and cost effectively enable access to hearing impaired people.

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MobileConnect utilizes existing network technologies and a “bring your own device” approach. The system can also be used to complement digital signage, offer assistive listening, audio description, or even simultaneous translation. At MobileConnect’s heart is the ConnectStation, a streaming server providing near latency-free multi-channel audio streaming over WiFi in auditoriums, theatres, classrooms, wherever WiFi is available. As MobileConnect operates over the existing WiFi infrastructure, it is fast and cost-effective to install and integrates seamlessly with existing network infrastructure and audio equipment. The service is supremely convenient to users too: Without the need for bulky equipment, hearing impaired individuals can use their choice of smart device and headphones to listen to audio via the intuitive MobileConnect app, which is available free of charge for iOS and Android. MobileConnect allows users to stream live-audio on their smartphones.

Sennheiser’s MobileConnect app makes the service highly intuitive to use and can also be tailored to a user’s particular hearing needs via the Personal Hearing Assistant. This innovative piece of software makes it possible not only to adjust volume but also to adapt speech intelligibility and sound quality, including the amplification and dynamic range of high and low-frequency audio content. Users can adjust sound to their particular requirements by simply sliding their finger across an on-screen control until it is just right. The features were developed in close collaboration with hearing experts at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology as part of Sennheiser’s ongoing efforts to develop dedicated solutions for inclusion. The Personal Hearing Assistant allows users to adjust the volume and to adapt speech intelligibility as well as sound quality.

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