Rose Brand Inc. Introduces 4 New Floors and a Floor Guide

by Michael Eddy
Rose Brand introduces four new dance floors, including the new Expo
Rose Brand introduces four new dance floors, including the new Expo

Rose Brand Inc. presents four new floors: Expo, Teatro, Dura, and Dolce, adding to its line of 18 floors for a range of uses. They also launced a floor guide for end-users who can search through the Rose Brand range of floors by attribute and occasion at:

Further information from Rose Brand (

Expo is a lightweight, affordable floor covering for events, runways, and budget-conscious productions. It’s lightweight yet durable, easy to roll out and lays flat for a fast load-in. Black, white, and grey floors are in stock, plus custom colors can be run when a show floor with more pop is needed.

Teatro is a heavy-duty reversible floor with dimensional stability for stage, dance, or touring. Teatro takes the classic reversible stage covering to new heights in performance. Two homogenous vinyl wear surfaces are laminated around a center fiber reinforcement layer for maximum dimensional stability, no matter how many times the floor is rolled or reversed. A smooth suede finish in black/white or black/grey is designed for touring, dance, stage performance, tradeshow and event floors.

Dura is a hard-wearing, easy roll out, durable floor for temporary and permanent installation. Its finely textured surface is suitable for a wide variety of traffic including live performance, rehearsals, dance, and auditorium use. Dura is rugged yet pliable. It’s interleaved with a glass fiber reinforcement layer for dimensional stability. The floor’s overall construction is 80 mils (2mm) thick and has an durable 0.7mm wear layer. Dura is easy to roll out over stage decks or can be permanently adhered to platforms or subfloors.

Lastly, Dolce is a long life, gently cushioned floor for stage, rehearsal rooms, expo, or dance – anywhere long life and comfort are the requirements. Combined with its hard-wearing surface, this makes Dolce the right choice where extra protection and long life are the primary requirements. It can be permanently installed and has a light embossed surface texture for additional slip resistance. The overall thickness is 2.5mm constructed of a 0.7mm wear layer plus glass-fiber reinforcement layer and cushioning. Multi-purpose venues, studios and deck covers will all benefit from installing Dolce floors.

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